dons, espai, treball, signatura, política

Installation, photography
Phenoloc wood, thread count, arxivi photographs
Five arxivi
  photographs and five thread counts  on a white shelf
Shelf: 80x20cm. 5 photos: 10x4cm



dons, espai, treball, signatura, política (women, space, work, signature, politics) proposes a list of nineteen random words that I subsequently searched one by one in the arxivi of the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC), (Institute of Photographic studies of Catalonia) in order to know the equivalence in image of each of these words.

Subsequently, after a selection, out of nineteen words left five: "dons, espai, treball, signature, politics" (women, space, work, signature, politics), those that interested em not only because for what the word itself contains, but because of the result arxivi-word- image that these final words gave em.

The result was five photographs from different eres of the history of Catalonia and Europe that I put next to five threat counts, one over each photograph, showing a corporal gesture of one character in each of the five images. The piece, proposes an interaction with the viewer by Approaching to the arxivi image looking through the threat count and moving it all over the picture. The tool

(the threat count) works as a bridge to re-think an re-build and historical image through a detail inside the picture, and showing the mechanism of relationship and the order of an archive inside itself [1]. And how the classification of words work over the image.

Finally, the piece dons, espai, treball, signatura, política maintains his name in catalan because those were the exact words that I used to search inside the IEFC 's arxivi and the equivalents to a code that gaves as a result an image.


Artnit Camps '17.